Some spring (time) in my step

Yep, It getting closer. The more I consider spring, The more excited I get. Now that I live in a truly 4 season area. ( Read Minnesota) I am getting the feel of it. Winters here are hard.20180302_132413 Although I love the snow and have enjoyed the cold brisk air, wonderful snowscapes, walkabouts and even a snow camp (A first for me). Spring has taken on a new meaning.

Recently I went on a local walkabout in the neighborhood. And yes I did feel a spring in my step. Well ok, A spring in my Trudging along. Trudging??, Well at my age you begin to trudge. Its not a bad thing, its just well, I’m not as young as I was and now I trudge, it just means “Getting some where takes a little longer”. We (Trudgers) tend to take in the sights and sounds more. We have time to spare. We are now “smelling the roses” to say. The end result is the same. It just seems a lot more pleasant. Maybe I have been doing my walkabouts all wrong before. No I have never not enjoyed a past walkabout so that’s not it.20180119_153944 The more I consider this the more I look forward to trudging to a river or lake, While dragging the Kayak along at times. Another reason to slow down and enjoy the trudge. (Its heavy and well you know I’m old).

Seriously now, I look forward to some long missed Kayak paddling? Peddling. (I have a Hobie Outback Kayak, It has The Mirage system which allows you to Peddle rather than paddle), 20161104_162208Fly-fishing, The joy, and some hammock camps. Ok a lot of hammock camps, paddles ,peddles and casts with my Fly rod/rods.

Ahhhhh. Spring time. I know its still a little early here in Minnesota, There is still about 5-6 inches of snow on the ground (at least). And I am fairly certain more to come. The good thing is the temperatures are higher on the average. And even today I sat for awhile in the glory of the sun. Oh what splendiffery. (Yes I came up with a new word.)

What has all this thinking and wondering done for me. Got the Spring in my Trudge going. 20170406_135303I am about to start pulling out all my Spring , Summer, Fall toys. Dust them off, clean and polish and get even more excited . Yay for me, Another season to enjoy.

Oh and of course, update my Survival packs for the new season. Don’t forget to do that!

But that’s another story…..

Remember. All together now


Keep it polished and updated. For all seasons.

Be safe..

The Novice Survivalist.


Minnesota Madness-Ice Fishing.Movie_Snapshot
2nd Chance George


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