My Walkabout possible’s pouch or Survival pouch.

Hello again campers, I want to talk about some thing that I carry a lot. Actually, every time I go outside in the outdoors on a walkabout. I often use this without putting much thought into it. Is this a good thing or not, well I’m not sure to tell the truth. We should never take things for granted . For example I was looking at the upcoming weekend weather. Something I do a lot since moving to Minnesota. Its just safe practice before planning anything. The weather can change nasty here in a hurry and make things uncomfortable to say the least.


Prior planning is a must. Not just for Minnesota but for everybody, wherever you maybe. If you plan ahead you may just save yourself some heartache or even getting yourself into an uncomfortable situation.

One thing I learnt during my military service was, “If something can go wrong it will.” In the civilian world its known as “Murphy’s law” I am sure you have come in contact with it!. The military are big on this. They plan accordingly. No matter what they are preparing for. Whether to go into battle, a patrol, a road trip, or just guard duty, they plan it out to the minute detail. We can learn a lot from the military. We all know it is impossible to plan for every scenario, but we should plan never the less. Should you be putting together a bug out plan, Day trip, going camping or hiking, take the time to read up on military know how. They have a lot to offer.

This goes for any outing into the outdoors. Be it a walkabout, camping, road trip or just a quick visit . Take the time to plan ahead. I am not just talking about when you are going, time leaving and how to get there. I mean the other things we tend to ignore.

Make sure everybody who is joining you is on the same page. Everybody needs to know where you going, why, and for how long. Then look into the area you will be. What things maybe be a concern, What to do if it the concern or concerns happen. Make sure you have the necessaries you may need for the trip. Like I said we cannot plan for every scenario, but we can be better prepared, giving you a better chance of getting home safely. After all that is our ultimate goal!

So onto what I wanted to discuss. That is a simple survival pouch I carry with me when going on a walkabout in the outdoors. This little pouch I attach to my walkabout back pack. It has a very basic set of survival items I feel can get me out of most situations that I could encounter on a fairly short (day) walk in the wilderness.


I am a planner by nature. I plan ahead, but sadly I have never yet got everything thing perfectly right. But I persist. Why because the military beat it into me, they did something right. I am still here today to enjoy the outdoors.

Back to the pouch. Yes its a military surplus pouch I have talked about before, but just touched on it. I got to thinking about it lately. Could it actually help. So I took the time to go through it again and look what is in it. Can it sustain me for at least 72 hours. Although its a small pouch and not really designed to get me through a really bad situation.


It would need some help. Its just to small to carry some needed items for a true survival situation. Why carry it then.

Well its designed with a walkabout in mind. It attaches to my backpack or belt, and I will have certain things in or on the pack to enhance the pouch. Extra light jacket, Water, Food or snacks and my Canteen kit with bush box stove.

When I plan a trip there are certain things I always look at.

  1. Where I am going, and what does the area hold or look like. Do I have a map or am I already familiar with the area. ( Previous visit or scouting trip). I look at all recourses for information.
  2. How long and what I plan on doing when arriving. Am I camping, hammock or tent. What type of camping, is it wilderness or state or federal land. What amenities are available. Walkabout’s include trails I will be on, and how long it will take (best guess, as I tend to wander and stare a lot.)
  3. The weather, obviously the weather people are not perfect, so I check everyday till I leave and make adjustments as needed, clothing etc.
  4. Food and water. Is water (drinking) available, if not can I get my own or carry all in.. Food, meals I need to make and snacks as well.
  5. Electronics, fishing equipment etc. as need.20161229_203142 - Copy
  6. People who need to know where I am, make a list and inform them of your plans and what to do should they not hear from me in the time frame I give them.

All these help me prep. I then take out everything I think I will need and subtract or add as needed. Yes I still tend to over pack. working on that as I go. This pouch for example was a result of over packing. I used to carry my camping possible’s pouch in my walkabout pack. Its much bigger and heavier. I replaced it with this pouch, smaller and less bulky. Takes up no room in my pack.

I am planning a little scouting trip this weekend. A trip about a 1.5 hr. drive away from home. I found this place on an app I have on my phone (” All trails” for those walkabout types looking for places to hike). It looks interesting, although probably better in summer.20170219_222219 I needed an excuse to get outdoors, even with the extra snow we just got. It looks to have a lot of possibilities to camp and Kayak and even get some fishing in. No not this trip. Its just a quick scout.

So jump in the truck and off we go. Well no. I need to check weather, and if its even possible to get into the area. Its a state park I believe. Will it be open to the public on the day I plan on going. What clothing to take, (Its still quite chilly out there). and of course do I have the extras I need , you know “Just in case.”

So with that in mind here is my survival/possible’s /emergency pouch I will carry with me.


Oh just so you know I do have a EDCC

(Everyday car carry) in my truck should I need it for the road trip there…..and back. ( more coming on that…just a heads up.)

  1. Mini multi tool. (Gerber Dime)
  2. Very basic Compass and thermometer.
  3. Pen light/lantern.(Ozark Trails 75 lumen lantern)
  4. Survival bandana
  5. Medical packet.
  6. Survival knife and Ferro. rod.
  7. Cordage
  8. Ferro rod and striker
  9. Duck tape
  10. Cotton balls (fire starters)

That’s it! Very basic, but as I said it is enhanced by the fact I will have it attached to my Walkabout backpack.

Pouch attached to my daypack

These items when added to the resource of my small survival pouch, adds up to a nice 72 hours emergency kit. A must for any outdoor hiker or enthusiast to have easily accessible, without adding to much weight or taking up space in your walkabout backpack.


Well there you go. Something to consider next time you look at your walkabout or day kit. Every survivalist should do the “Monthly” check of your kits and update or at least try to enhance them to your needs. Certainly prior to use, at least. Whether lightening or space saving choose wisely. Don’t leave your self vulnerable because you wanted to save weight.

The Novice survivalist.

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2nd Chance George

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