Dealing with low Mojo

Well Campers Here I am…Sitting at the “puter” banging away at the beaten up keyboard.(Yes, I bang at the computer, I am a 2 finger terror). Besides dealing with calluses on my 2 index fingers I persist. Although at times unsuccessfully I do persist. One thing I was taught was that “nothing succeeds like persistence”.Almost! I find myself having to fall back on some limited “mojo”. To get me  through the tougher times I some times find myself dealing with.20180606_173851.jpg The last couple of weeks have been hard and very frustrating. I did break that up with a visit to my children, brother and sister-in law and some good friends in San Diego, Always a moral booster. Other than that wonderful time, the weather here has not been very co-operative at all. Lots of rain, thunder lightening, work schedule etc. etc. Frustrating all my attempts to get outdoors and relax and blend with nature. We have all been there. And that brings me to today.

After a long day at work I got home and collapsed onto the couch (OK its a fold out thingee, I forget the name.). I sat there exhausted. Thinking I have a long week to deal with. Only one day (night actually, work nights) off. Whoa is me. I was pitiful to see, a grown man beaten and bloodied. Not pretty. I sulked for awhile and was staring at the boob tube when I looked down at my expensive coffee table. (Not really, got it at Walmart for a 20.) However it matches my foldout thingee. (Still cannot remember what its called.) Ok so I looked down and saw something that was sent to me from a You tube friend. Steve from Adventure outdoors. A favorite channel I am subscribed to. Very fun and always upbeat. Good for my well being. Any Hooo. He had made up some red hand towels which he named ALFA TOWELS. He is always ( tongue in check) referring to himself as the ultimate ALFA male.Alfa towel He said he would send these to deserving , budding or wanna be ALFA MALES. Low and behold one arrived in the mail. He said they had his mojo on them. His Ultimate Alfa male scent wiped from the sweat of his brow.

So, Yes I actually did this, I rubbed my arm and said to myself lets see what happens. I immediately passed out on the couch thingee….(I’ll eventually remember the name of that darn thing). I awoke about 4 hours later with a really bad rash on my ar…..No not really. I woke up from my exhausted nap. I thought well that feels a little better and maybe just maybe Steve has something here. What would a ALFA male do in this situation I have found myself in these last weeks. He would ADVENTURE OUTDOORS.

Basically, I decided to get off the couch thingee and get my butt in gear. I went into my cave and started going through my camping, kayaking and walkabout stuff. Yes I have a lot. And as I said in previous posts I like to play with them. After rummaging around for awhile I decided to pack my walkabout ( LL Bean) day pack .

After doing that and sharpening all my knives and my Camp tomahawk. img_20180622_113620_763.jpgI decided I will go walkabout tomorrow and you know what, Ill stop on the way and get in some fly-fishing. After all, I have a skunk to break. After I spent 5 hours on my kayak over the week end while camping and caught ZIP!!!!!.


So having packed all the necessaries into my backpack. (72 hours survival, some coffee for the walkabout, along with a quick meal I’ll cook on the walkabout) I charged my batteries , No not mine, my Gopro camera  and other video things I use. Packed all up and set it by the front door.

Not true , I repacked about 4 times ,you know me. I am now set. I hit the couch and back to the Boob tube. Every time I felt sorry for my self I looked at the ALFA TOWEL then over to the front door to my pack. (If you wondering my fly fishing “stuff”  is always in my truck) and realized this.

When you are down, The mojo low, look at your friends and give them a thought. Maybe, just maybe, reminiscing about them will pick up your mojo and get your butt in gear. Get out and do something. Nature calls, the outdoors hail for your presence. Do not disappoint it. (Nature) give them a visit, prepare correctly, just as you should always do and you never know what will happen.

So stay tuned for the after action report. Will the ALFA TOWEL do its alleged thing or is there something else at work. We will….wait I remember its call a FUTON, you know the couch thingee…….

We will see.

Always be safe, be prepared and remember KNOWLEDGE IS A SURVIVAL SKILL. That includes knowing people who unwitting can get you through some tough times.

Till I return, triumphant from my successful fly-fishing and walkabout….

The Novice Survivalist


ADVENTURE OUTDOORS is a great channel. Please stop by and check out some fun videos and give Steve a like or 2. tell him I sent you.


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