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Wishful thinking on my part!.

Today I recieved a package from Amazon. I looked at it and thought….
That was wishfull thinking. Like I will ever get to use it ?.


Beating the Cedar Lake Curse

I ice fish this lake alot with a friend. He always catches…me not so much. So pulled out the Hobie Outback Kayak and faced the curse. Paddled alot caught lots of weeds and …well watch the video…lol

Weather Alerter and Comfort Companion

An Emergency Must! Every household, camp kit, outdoor kit, fishing, hunting, hiking pack should have. Weather alerts and much more……

My Daypack for all Seasons

As a novice survivalist you should always be prepared for an emergency. That’s what the 10 CC’s are for. Then add to it the basics for the season and only then any “extras’ for comfort you are willing to add to the weight and bulk of your pack. Keep in mind that adding these, can if not curtailed, turn a great daypack into a miserable bulky dead weight on your back. Choose your luxury items carefully. You may regret them later, when its too late!

The fishing question? Why me

Some times I just feel I am destined to struggle to catch fish. It happens alot to me and was wondering…is it just me. I went icefishing with my friend Travis. And yep got skunked..,again. Check it out

Reviews and Give-away’s (GAWS). Your chance to score free prizes.

I thought that I would try do a review myself on my channel. I simply picked a product I had been using for awhile and did a review

Setting goals for a new season

At the start of every season I find myself thinking about what next. Winter has come to Minesota. So I am once again trying to set some goals for a new winter season. Last winter my biggest goal was to do my first solo…

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