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Weather Alerter and Comfort Companion

An Emergency Must! Every household, camp kit, outdoor kit, fishing, hunting, hiking pack should have. Weather alerts and much more……


Reviews and Give-away’s (GAWS). Your chance to score free prizes.

I thought that I would try do a review myself on my channel. I simply picked a product I had been using for awhile and did a review

Setting goals for a new season

At the start of every season I find myself thinking about what next. Winter has come to Minesota. So I am once again trying to set some goals for a new winter season. Last winter my biggest goal was to do my first solo…

Dealing with low Mojo

Well Campers Here I am…Sitting at the “puter” banging away at the beaten up keyboard.(Yes, I bang at the computer, I am a 2 finger terror). Besides dealing with calluses on my 2 index fingers I persist. Although at times unsuccessfully I do persist….

No Trace…a good practice

. Its an obvious idea and needs to be said again. Its practiced by most outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, hunters and even the military.

First Solo camp in the snow

Well, as the title suggests, I have just returned from my first ever solo camp in the snow. Why I said solo I don’t know, I have never camped in the snow alone or with others for that matter. But who’s checking ? right….

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