Wishful thinking on my part!.

Today I received a package from Amazon. I looked at it and thought….

That was wishful thinking. Like I will ever get to use it ?.

Yep I purchased a fish scale. If you have seen my videos on You tube. You will understand my thoughts on this. As I have mentioned about, Oh 109 times. I am a enthusiast fly fishermen. That’s it. That’s all I got. Enthusiasm. I hack away at it every chance I get. Not to much avail. I am a Skunk King. Big time.

But I persist.

Very now and then I accidentally hook a fish. The excitement is magnificent. But short lived. I then go right back into a 2 week skunk session. Ok , multiple skunk sessions. I have never ever weighed a fish I have caught.20190618_100535 Probably because most are not big enough to get on a scale hook. You know they are typical of the size normally used by other Fisher types for bait!

Its not funny. Its stressful on my very delicate ego. Especially as every outing starts with “this is going to be a great fishing video”. This time Ill be flaunting my success on my channel. Look all, Surprise. The heading already in my head of the title.

Personal best its a giant…..

On arriving home all the wasted film merely deleted. Watching a skunk is not that entertaining. If I’m lucky I will have video for fillers. You know beautiful day. The sun is shining all is good with the world.

But I persist. I was probably persisting when I ordered the fish scale. You know. Ill need to show the fish and prove its a winner by physically showing me weighing it and proclaiming its a PB!!!!. Its 2 1/2 feet long (Yep the scale comes with a built in tape measure.) And weights a whopping 8 3/4 lbs. Wahoo.

So I ordered the scale. I did have some restraint. Its portable. And the tape measure only goes to 3 feet. So there, I (deep in my subconscious) did have a little doubt as to my skill, luck and chance of that ever happening.20190613_154331.jpg

This post was originally going to be all about my success. Ill be able to post first thing Monday, hot off the press with me proudly displaying my catch…..but alas……i say no more.

However to reward you with reaching this point in the blog I decided to post the video of my wishful thinking purchase. Considering an affordable fishing scale check this out.

And maybe, just maybe, Ill update it with me using it to record for posterity my personal best catch….hey stop laughing it could happen you know.

Remember knowledge is a survival skill. Never stop learning.

The Novice Survivalist


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