The things you do on a budget….

A couple of months ago I saw something I really wanted for my home. Unfortunately I am on a fairly strick budget. I stay away from using credit unless its an emergency. So if I want something I save untill I have the cash. Sometimes it takes a couple months. So I started saving.

About 10 days ago I was looking again and to my surprise the item had dropped in price. So much that I had enough cash saved to buy it.

So I did and arrived home from work and Joy there was a package on my door step


I immediately dragged it inside and tore into it. 2 hours later…

I had a real desk setup. Finally after using a cheap folding card table this is a huge upgrade. To make matters even better I had just moved into the cottage I purchased. Well me and the bank share ownership.

When you on a budget the little things mean so much more. Now I need to save for a office chair to suit. It never ends.

Speaking of budget and being thrifty, I had just finnished the roof of the shed in the south 40. I was cleaning up and was about to toss a small piece of wood away when I realised it would make a good key keeper.

A little modification,a set of 4 small brass hooks ($1.75)and some stain I had in the man cave and bang all set.

No more looking for the keys.

Yep its been a productive week on a budget.

Now I think I can scratch up a dollar in pennies and nickels. .off to buy a lotto ticket…hope springs eternal

Hope you all have a productive week, budget or not.

Remember KNOWLEDGE IS A SURVIVAL SKILL. Even on a budget

Stay safe

The Novice Survivalist

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