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Weather Alerter and Comfort Companion

An Emergency Must! Every household, camp kit, outdoor kit, fishing, hunting, hiking pack should have. Weather alerts and much more……


A B.O.B, Just what is it?

First let me clarify what is considered to be a reasonable B.O.B. (Bug out bag), Or should I say, I took the time to have a look see as to what many consider a B.O.B. Personally I go to the whole idea of  “It…

Dirt Time 4 – Container

COINTAINER, “A container is a basic tool, consisting of any device creating a partially or fully enclosed space that can be used to contain, store, and transport objects or materials. In comm… Source: Dirt Time 4 – Container

1,to’s,3’s and C’s of Survival

Welcome back. If you wondering about my state of mind because of the title, I assure you I am of sound mind and body. It is simply, my play on words for my list I have developed, from the basic research I have done. As…

Your basic survival needs

Do some research, gather information, knowledge and skills. From that develop your plan. Having an ultimate Goal will help determine the knowledge and skill sets you will need to make a solid survival plan

The novice survivalist

Introduction to my new website. the Novice survivalist

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