Watch “Opinel No. 8 Carbon Steel Blade, Folding Knife – A true legend” on YouTube

Well campers I finally figured out why I see this knife used by outdoor types. Actually just about anybody who appriciates a true legend on thier belt or edc bag.

I finally got one and have to agree that it is one of the best knives I have owned.

As you are aware I like to carve wood. Any wood. Just whityle awsy at it as I contemplate things in general. (read daydream). Its a very relaxing pass time for me.

Back to this unuasual knife. It has been around a long long time and has stood the test of many famous people over the years.

Inpurchased the OPINEL #8. A mid size in a wide range they of. From tiny tiny to a solid 12 incher. Its a folding knive with a unique locking method. But what really impressed me. The sharpness of this carbon steel blade. Its a sabre style (tip up) and out the box I could gave the hair off my arm. A first for me.

I am currently uding it to make a hiking staff. And it cuts like a razor. What a joy to use.

Check out a quick video I did to introduce youself to a true legend

Remember knowledge is a survival skill. And a good knife is nice to know

The Novice Survivalist

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