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Watch “GCS Custom Handmade TANTO Knife – Can it be a camp / bushcraft option” on YouTube

Was facinated by this type of blade. Thought I would see if it would work in bushcraft/camp style Advertisements

WINTER IS ON THE WAY…..are you prepared

Winters coming!!! So its that time. Started updating my outdoor packs…. First off POSSIBLES POUCHES. Check them out. Its a quicky pay attention

Planning your outdoor experience, Part II. Camp essentials.

The outdoors excursion.

Read up , Make lists, Get things, Go camp. You wont regret it.

For the novice camper

For those who are new to the outdoirs and planning a trip. I have started a series blog on tips to planning a camping trip. Check out the first post. Then stay tuned for next

Multi tools on a budget

Would you use a budget multi tool as part of your EDC. Would you trust them to do the job when the chips are down. I looked at three (Very quickly, mind you) that would suit any reasonable budget. Would you use them. We…

Watch “Kilimanjaro ASCEND Mini Multi-tool TSA COMPLIANT – Perfect for the prepared traveler” on YouTube

So with that in mind, I shopped price. After all, I had the “What am I looking for ” taken care of. It needed to be TSA (Transportation Security Administration) compliant.

Wishful thinking on my part!.

Today I recieved a package from Amazon. I looked at it and thought….
That was wishfull thinking. Like I will ever get to use it ?.

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