Watch “CARON PARK MN. – Walkabout- and an Old Age Opps!” on YouTube

Well campers it comes to all. I did a sour of the moment walkabout. Normally I am already prepared for these as they come along as the name says. Ill suddenly decide to go walkabout.

Unfortunately these may be ending soon as I will have to plan them. Hence no more spur of the moment. Maybe they will become a “planned” spur of the moment outings….

I will now have to be sure to pack in advance if these moments. Which I suppose we should all be doing. After all we plan for the unexpected. Right.

Old age and forgetfulness. Hand in hand. So we adapt. And plan in advance. Now all I have to do is not Georgetown to plan in advance. Oh dear!!!.

Remember adapting is a survival skill

The Novice survivalist

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