What I have Learnt about knives

I am a knife fiend, anything sharp and shinny, including axes, hatchets and saws get my undivided attention.

I spend hours looking at, playing with and showing off my small but growing collection. From basic EDC pocket pals, to the fixed blades outdoor companions we all seem to need when camping, hiking, fishing and exploring.

Lately I have been asking myself why are these “things” on the knifes there, and what are they called and why so many different options. I understand that the knife you choose to carry is the one you feel meets all the stuff needed to do the chores for which you carry it for. For example a Bushcraft knife , Basecamp knife, Hunting knife or EDC pocket pal.

My question to myself was “What makes them different and why.” To learn more about this I decided to start at the beginning. Simple right….

Wrong. I didn’t even know half the names of parts associated with knives in general and types of knives specific. So the journey begins.

This is what I have learnt so far….


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well how many words for a video. I have no idea abut putting one together was long and tedious ad hopefully made sense. So If you care to learn with me check out the first in a short series of “my learning about knives and things.”


Like I said this is a first in a short series I will be working on. Next up…Blades, Grinds and other knife parts.

Remember, Knowledge is a survival skill. Knkowing as much as possible about the tools you will be using is a survival skill.

Be safe

The Novice survivalist

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