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Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee – Very nice and easy setup.

I needed to upgrade my car camping house. So looking around I thought this would be great for me. Turns out it just maybe perfect for me. I have plans for this summer and that includes alot of fishing out of town. So planing… Continue Reading “Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee – Very nice and easy setup.”

What I have Learnt about knives

I am a knife fiend, anything sharp and shinny, including axes, hatchets and saws get my undivided attention. I spend hours looking at, playing with and showing off my small but growing collection. From basic EDC pocket pals, to the fixed blades outdoor companions… Continue Reading “What I have Learnt about knives”

Watch “Marbles Camp Axe – Or is it a Hatchet Axe or Pack Axe” on YouTube

Sometimes you just have to get one. So I did. My first hatchet or packaxe or camp axe. And gave it a test run. Marbles came through with this guy. Does the job.

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