Rough Ryder APTA Modern Slip Joint Red Aluminum RR2282 – Their Best knife yet…By far

I am a knife fiend…anything sharp and shiny gets my attention. I spend hours looking at them on the puter. Often…actually more than not. I see a knife that demands my attention. That is untill I see the asking price. I sigh loudly and reluctantly move on. I am on a budget. I just cannot afford these prices of some of these folders. They range from about $60 up to about $360. Just out of sight for me.

I am a budget knife owner. My favorite maker by a long mile being Rough Ryder. Very competitive in my price range. Yep about $30 is my limit. Typically they are below $20.

I get frustrated and down cast with this budget. There are so many knives I moved past that I would love to own.


This knife by far is the best made and a looker I now own. Rough Ryder came out with a series they call the modern range of the traditional knives. AWESOME. This guy is in my budget, unbelievably under the $30.00 limit I have. I would take it over many knives double the price out there.

Yep happy camper right now. And Rough Ryder has boosted my budget moral.

Remember patient and persistance pays off.

The Novice Survivalist

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