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Watch “GCS Custom Handmade TANTO Knife – Can it be a camp / bushcraft option” on YouTube

Was facinated by this type of blade. Thought I would see if it would work in bushcraft/camp style Advertisements

Planning your outdoor experience, Part II. Camp essentials.

The outdoors excursion.

Read up , Make lists, Get things, Go camp. You wont regret it.

Watch “CONDOR Hudson Bay Camp Knife – Great knife at the right price” on YouTube

For the price, this is a bargain. A great solid well built camp knife. It even came with a very nice sheath. Very impressed with the quality. If you looking for a solid camp knife that wont break the bank. Consider a Condor. Many…

Watch “Camillus Black Guthook Knife” on YouTube

This guy was my first cutter I owned. Still around and part of my edc for my fishing daypack….check it out deserves some recognition for a jib well done.. still going

Budget Emergency backpack for beginners

Tried to keep it to the basics and as budget friendly as possible. Keep in mind it’s a starter pack on which you can build

New cutting tool added to my stash

I just recently added this ” belt knife” to my cutting tool collection. It will replace my smaller previous belt knife, which has will go into my Kayak survival bag. This new cutter is … Source: New cutting tool added to my stash

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