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EDC update – Marbles and Zippo, My Perfect combo

While surfing on line I came across 2 of my favorite carries. So I combined them to get one. Be safe out there and always keep your EDC updated. You never know when you may just need it Novice Survivalist

Rough Ryder Classic G10 Stockman – Very nice indeed

I was given a heads up by a subscriber to my channel about this new series from Rough Ryder Knives. I am typically a very traditional knife kinda guy. But thought I would take a look.c Well blow me down me Mateys I was… Continue Reading “Rough Ryder Classic G10 Stockman – Very nice indeed”

I got me some ZIPPO stuff – Couple Ups and Downs but alls well

One of the most recognized brands in the world so I took a looking see . Pretty interesting NS Remember knowledge is a survival skill

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