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The Novice

Over the last 6 months, I have been more active in my hobbies. I enjoy the outdoors and find every opportunity to get out. I camp, fly fish and Kayak as often as I can. Lately I have discovered a real passion. Solo kayak camping. I now find myself planning a Solo kayak camping trip regularly. I manage to get out about 2 weekends a month. This typically involves finding a lake or river that allows “boat in camping”. I then begin planning the trip. Checking regulations, restrictions and getting as much information on the location as I can find. Then there is dates and timing, lists are made for what I need for  food, water and anything else I normally would take camping with me.

20160925_144054Using a kayak as your mode of transport severely limits your resources you can take with you. Especially so for me. I have a Hobie Outback kayak. The outback is a sit on top designed specifically with fishing in mind. I bought the Outback for the stability and the Mirage Drive, Which allows me to keep moving, hands free to fly fish. Storage of camping necessities is limited, so I have to plan carefully.

While researching (read, casually surfing the web for entertainment) and I came across a website dedicated to surviving in the wilderness. This got me thinking of how I would cope with a survival situation on a solo trip. It was not a comforting thought. I discovered how little prepared I am for something going wrong on one of my trips. Moving forward with these thoughts, I discovered how unprepared I am for any emergency. Whether it be outdoors, at work or at home. After some research, I came to the conclusion I need to increase my knowledge and ability to survive a bad situation.

My website The Novice Survivalist is my way to finding out “The how to survive” in an Urban or Outdoor emergency scenario. Trust me when I say “I have to keep it simple”. I am truly a novice survivalist. With that in mind, I hope to fix that problem.

Simply put. I need to increase my general knowledge on survival.

I will be logging my journey through this new adventure. And ill be doing it on The Novice Survivalist website.

Join me as I journey through the basics of survival. I welcome comments and suggestions from all comers , whether novice or master survivalist. Hopefully you can help me and other beginners, become better prepared survivalists.

Where possible I will actually try out resource suggestions and even video my attempts (dirt time). If anything it should be “entertaining”. And hopefully help me and you the reader become prepared in a survival scenario. Of course I will also post camping trip videos, showing the new found skills I have gained.

Feel free to Sign up and get posts when I learn a new skill or post a video.

Next up, finding out what are the most important, minimal survival skills I should know and tools needed in order to use that knowledge.


About novicesurvivalist

I am simply another person who wants to be prepared. I have realized over time that I am simply not self prepared for most survival situations. I love the outdoors and try when possible to go Kayaking and Camping. The more I researched about my favorite interests (Camping and Kayaking) the more I realized how uneducated I am about some very basic survival skills. Basically I am a NOVICE. This website and related blogs/Vlogs are intended for me to better my survival skills in not just the outdoors but Urban every day life. Hopefully people who decide to follow me on my schooling, Will learn and add to their and pass on to me and others basic survival skills as well.
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