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Planning your outdoor experience, Part II. Camp essentials.

The outdoors excursion.

Read up , Make lists, Get things, Go camp. You wont regret it.


Watch “KLEAN KANTEEN – Stainless Steel Single Wall Bottle” on YouTube

Being stuck inside with the cold weather lately, i had to find away to be productive. Went through my car edc bag. While doing that I came across one of these. KLEAN KANTEEN, Single wall stainless steel bottle. I have 2 of them. Worked…

Budget Emergency backpack for beginners

Tried to keep it to the basics and as budget friendly as possible. Keep in mind it’s a starter pack on which you can build

Do I really need all these survival “gizmos and tools” and other stuff…..

A re-look at what I really need to carry as opposed to what I carry…minimalizing

1,to’s,3’s and C’s of Survival

Welcome back. If you wondering about my state of mind because of the title, I assure you I am of sound mind and body. It is simply,┬ámy play on words for my list I have developed, from the basic research I have done. As…

The novice survivalist

Introduction to my new website. the Novice survivalist

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