Month: November 2016

1,to’s,3’s and C’s of Survival

Welcome back. If you wondering about my state of mind because of the title, I assure you I am of sound mind and body. It is simply, my play on words for my list I have developed, from the basic research I have done. As… Continue Reading “1,to’s,3’s and C’s of Survival”

The Plan

This is what I consider my first order of business in time of trouble. Designed to get me to my Home Base.
1.Do not panic.!
2.Find a safe haven close by. Basic shelter from the elements.
3.Take the time to assess the situation you are in. Mentally and physically.
4.Check your recourses you have available, such as tools and knowledge.
5.Then develop a plan based on these factors to get you home.

Your basic survival needs

Do some research, gather information, knowledge and skills. From that develop your plan. Having an ultimate Goal will help determine the knowledge and skill sets you will need to make a solid survival plan

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