Sun and Snow Lunch with the Animals

Today was a good, No a great day. Finally some sunshine and a hint of the end of winter here in Minnesota. Well I hope it so !.

As soon as I confirmed what I was seeing outside ( Checked weather forecast on my mobile phone app). I grabbed my “stuff’. And hit the road to my favorite haunt for a Sun and Snow walkabout.

Weather report. PERFECT !

Little did I know I would be sharing this time with others. No not humans. Surprisingly I was alone in that aspect. I mean the birds and animals were out with the same thoughts as me, and in force. Ducks, Woodpeckers, Egrets, Geese, Crows, Squirrels, Rabbits and even a close encounter with a deer. The whole gambit.

I have been working on putting together a Day Pack for my summer fly-fishing adventures I have planned. As per normal I over did it. However I was determined to test it out (A dry run per say) before I actually get out and wet a fly.

First fishing day pack attempt. Not good

Needless to say… to big, to heavy, not comfortable etc. . etc. . I was not surprised . I had those thoughts before I even got this chance. But had to try it out and get an Idea of what needs to change. Some thing the novice survivalist should consider when planning a trip, Bug out bag etc. . When done, test it outdoors. You will soon find out what’s good and what’s not.

But that was not the point of this post. Although it was relevant to the day planned.

So there I was, Rearing to get outdoors. I had prepared a little lunch to take along and cook outdoors. This is becoming a favorite “thing” for me, when going walkabout. I’m considering putting together a list of meals I can try outdoors with minimal kitchen supplies.

I arrived at the parking lot at the Cannon River Wilderness Area County Park, Here in the Northfield/Dundas area. (I go out there a lot for some quick outdoors fixes, when time permits). Put on my boot chains, (Still a little icy), and grabbed the pack and headed for the Cannon River.

First thing I became aware of was the abundance of birds, fresh Rabbit and Squirrel tracks in the still pristine snow. Then I saw the VERY fresh Deer tracks. Which just happened to be going in the same direction I was. I followed them to the river edge. Then they disappeared!. I looked about and saw nothing of the deer. Or so I thought. I was busy making a video for my YouTube channel to share this glorious day, when I noticed something twitch in the view through my camera on my phone.

Deer enjoying the sunshine with me.

It just looked like another rock or large tree trunk in the snow. On closer inspection, from about 20 feet away, it was that close, was a deer lying in the snow. In the sun. What Joy!. I didn’t want to disturb it, so I just stood and watched it. It did not see me for a good 5 minutes. Then got up and trotted off in the opposite direction along the river bank.

After watching the birds flitting about and the squirrels playing chase in the snow. I set out to find a spot to prepare the lunch I packed. 30 minutes later, bingo. The perfect spot on the edge of the river.

Outdoor log kitchen in the snow.

So set up my camp kitchen, and cooked a magnificent lunch.

Lunch consisted of Potatoes cut into small cubes. pre-boiled. sprinkled with some Mrs. Dash, Garlic and herb salt free spices. I used my pocket rocket gas stove and Sea to Summit pan and grilled onions, peppers and some mushroom in Olive oil. Added the potatoes and browned them up. Lunch, very tasty. Sat down enjoyed the meal while watching nature romp and flitter by.


Time was flying by and after making a short review video (FROGG TOGGS poncho). I reluctantly packed up and headed back home.

We often find ourselves complaining of the Snow, Ice and cold here. Me included, but then you have a day such as this. I am glad I caught it on video, I cannot wait to share it with my friends and family. I’ll be posting it on my channel soon. Ill add the link on my Video and reference page.

Be sure to stop back and watch a Lunch in the snow with nature all about.

Remember knowledge is a survival skill. Go outdoors and enjoy it, while knowing your knowledge you have gained, has you better prepared.

The Novice Survivalist


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