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Enhancing your ME time in the Outdoors

Although the title says Me time, Enhancing anytime in the outdoors is something to consider. How you do this is a personal preference. I personally like to take along some activity I enjoy while outdoors. This ranges from, Cameras, food to be cooked or some reading or listening material. Just depends on my mood or reason for getting outdoors.

Dealing with low Mojo 2- follow-up

Well campers and Novice outdoors people as promised with the results of my MOJO test. Here I am back from my MOJO booster outings. How did it go. Well to be honest….it was splendiferous to say the least. I learnt a couple of valuable…

Sun and Snow Lunch with the Animals

Today was a good, No a great day. Finally some sunshine and a hint of the end of winter here in Minnesota. Well I hope it so !. As soon as I confirmed what I was seeing outside ( Checked weather forecast on my…

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