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Planning your outdoor experience, Part II. Camp essentials.

The outdoors excursion.

Read up , Make lists, Get things, Go camp. You wont regret it.


Watch “Overnighter in the hammock – Sakatah State Park MN” on YouTube

Really needed to get outdoors for a recharge of my battery. What better way under a tarp in my hammock. Click video below If you haven’t hammock camped you should give it a try. A good survival skill with a tarp and learning ways…

Watch “STANSPORT 360 Stainless Steel Mess Kit and quick Mod” on YouTube

This compact all in one messkit is going in my kayak drybag/ backpack. Stainless, sturdy and very affordable. Check out the Stansport mess kit based on the old reliable Boy Scout mess kit The Novice Survivalist

Watch “KLEAN KANTEEN – Stainless Steel Single Wall Bottle” on YouTube

Being stuck inside with the cold weather lately, i had to find away to be productive. Went through my car edc bag. While doing that I came across one of these. KLEAN KANTEEN, Single wall stainless steel bottle. I have 2 of them. Worked…

Show us your steak challenge

Hi campers. For most of you you are aware I have a youtube channel. 2 other channels I subscribe to both tagged me for a very important cause. Do a video and “SHOW US YOUR STEAK”. Many of you I am sure are aware…

Watch “Lixada Compact Gas Lantern, BRS 55 – A Review, a little different” on YouTube

Campers here you go. Interesting lamp. Especially if it can get rid of the whole battery dying in winter issues I’ve had to deal with in the past


I decided to look at some other options for eating outdoors. So here is what I found that caught my interest…..

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