Why make fire ?

There are a few reasons any Novice Survivalist worth their time, needs to be able to make fire. After all it is number 2 on the 10 C’s of survival list. Especially when in a short or even long term survival scenario. Some more important than others. But before we get into that, lets take a quick look at some obvious ways for you, the survivalist can make fire. As I have said before, I am a NOVICE SURVIVALIST. Period. I am no expert, I am learning this whole survival thing. But I have since starting this blog, read and researched a lot about the whole 72 hour survival scenario. Which is my main concern.

First off, call me lazy, “unbushcrafty” or any other thing that comes to mind. I do not consider myself either. I have learnt basic bush craft and I know I can procrastinate, BUT I am not lazy. Just a “practicalist.”. Because I am a novice, I research and then make choices.20170107_130812 In Making fire and being prepared to do that, I take the obviously quickest and easiest route available to me. This I tend to do for most of the 10 C’s of survivalist list.

When I considered the list ( 10C’s), Fire to me was a challenge at first. When I researched fire, everything I saw required I use either a Ferro rod, magnesium plate or Bow. Very few and I mean very few mentioned lighters, or standard box matches. Some thing just about everybody has used. I will admit I got caught up in the whole everything else but the obvious choices first. Then there is the tinder lists from cutting curls, to using cotton balls and petroleum jelly. Then there was the correct method to build a fire.

After sifting through all this I went straight to the Ferro rod. Pretty certain just about the most popular and most covered method of starting a fire. Yep got caught up in the whole survivalist, bush craft thing. But I will say it was fun. And don’t get me wrong it is a necessary skill to  acquire. I just don’t think it is a first option.

After going through the whole Gambit, I finally realized I had totally ignored the obvious. Yep a lighter!.20170107_131007 The standard buy anywhere old faithful Bic Lighter. Then the kitchen matches. Ok I admit they are the obvious first choice and Ok, they may fail in a really wet scenario. There are my thoughts.

In every survival bag, pouch or what ever  you choose to carry your fire kit in, there should be these three to start.

  1. Bic lighter or similar
  2. Kitchen matches or similar
  3. Ferro rod.

In that order they should be used. I do feel that all can fail in a worst case, but for me pretty sure one will work. 20170107_130907In the wet the real trick is fire tinder. You need something that will light easily. There are a lot of choices but that’s another story.

A couple of things to remember about keeping your fire starters working and in good order.

  1. Lighter. Keep the flint/striker dry and check the fuel before going out.
  2. Matches Ditto except fuel.
  3. Ferro rod , Ditto 2.

Pretty obvious. The same goes for any fire tinder you carry with you.

Now to the real reason for this blog!.

WHY MAKE FIRE. And why is it #2 on the list. Well my thoughts on the number 2 is the need for the cutting tool.survival-advice You need it to make fire. Build a shelter (#3), shelter gets you out of the elements, wet and cold. Certainly our biggest danger is exposure. BUT #2 is as important as shelter.

When we find our selves in a survival situation the first thing to do is DO NOT PANIC. Clear thinking is what is needed. Making cover and starting a fire will by far help settle you down. Shelter and warmth in a wet or cold scenario is paramount. Escape from the elements, no matter how small is a huge boost to morale and knowing we have these small luxuries, lets us know we can survive.

These small accomplishments with huge implications, is why we make fire. We can dry wet clothes, warm up, make a warm meal, no matter how small, have light and settle our minds. That is the most important issues we face accomplished and if possible, as fast as possible. To me a Bic lighter kept dry and full of fuel is the obvious first choice. having other methods even better should it fail.

So all you novice survivalist….Practice making fire, have three go to methods and you are most certainly going to increase your survival rate ten fold.

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill, however don’t for get the obvious !




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