Setting goals for a new season

At the start of every season I find myself thinking about what next. Winter has come to Minesota. So I am once again trying to set some goals for a new winter season. Last winter my biggest goal was to do my first solo camp in the snow. This I did. Was it successful, well I like to think it was. I learnt a lot about dealing with winter loads, cold weather and batteries. To name a few things. I will say it was a challenge that I really enjoyed. The problem now is what challenge can I give myself this winter?

Although this site was originally started as a place for me to learn about personal safety and survival when out solo camping, It has certainly evolved. I decided to use it, Not only as a blogging site and learning curve for me and others to learn from, but started adding videos and reference to my personal You Tube Channel. I originally had 2 channels, keeping the ‘Novice survivalist” and “Second chance George” separate got to be a challenge. I struggled to decide where and what I post to the channels. So I decided to combine the 2 channels and call it “Second chance George , The Novice Survivalist“. Yes I know how original. But as it turns out it worked out.




I made up some play lists and separated the different types of video into 2CG and NS using the “NOVICE SURVIVALIST SERIES”  as a separate play list to show my ” Survival interest” videos. But once again I digress. My point was to get to the idea of making separate goals for my 2 “channels”  per say.


Now I have to come up with goals for both.  This brings up some questions, is a camping video a survival video or 2CG?. The problem becomes where and how I camp for the video. Can I separate 2 videos for use in both channels with one camp. In the past I have tried to set goals for both channels when planning an outing. The easy choice is to show the camping part, how, where, when and what I typically do. For example my camping videos typically include a walkabout in the local area I am camping. A 2CG thing. I then will try often to include a 2 minute tip or review of a new product I am using. These I feel are NS videos. Most times I am successful. So back to goals for this winter.

I would really like a challenge for myself. One up last winter. The only way I see, is to do a winter camp again but with a little bit more of a challenge. How to do this. Having thought about this over the past couple months I can only come up with one. A more “Bush crafty” video. What will it entail.

Obviously It will need bush craft as the focus. Why bush craft. Well I believe if you understand basic bush craft skills you have enhanced your survival skills in the “bush” or wilderness. Knowing the 5 or 10 C’s of survival is well and good. For 72 hours!. Which is what it was designed for. Bush craft on the other hand is more for long term survival. Being able to use the supplies you bring and the rest comes from nature.

Originally I had planned to do this in fall before the weather got to much. unfortunately it just never happened. Other things came up. Life has the way of testing you. So it looks like I have to do a winter Bush Craft camp. And now its a real challenge. 20180106_192421In Minnesota the falls are cool to say the least. Winter is just harsh. This last winter I went on our (10 or so guys) normal annual Ice fishing trip. One morning we woke up to -25 Deg. Weather. Fortunately we were renting a house on the lake. Obviously I will have to consider this. There are challenges and then there are challenges. Right now I think I know my limits. And -25 Deg. is not one I want to face when out bush crafting. Keeping this in mind and many other issues I will face, will take some planning.

What are the goals?

BASIC BUSH CRAFT CAMP, include BASIC bush craft as the focus, utilizing minimum carry in and the rest from what local nature provides.

CAMP METHOD CHOICES,  Tent, hammock or Tarp camp. Tent is out, did that last winter. So its up to hammock or tarp.

Tenting last winter

Personally winter hammocking requires a lot of things to carry. One thing I try to avoid. So its tarp camping then.


WHERE TO CAMP, This is the one important part for me. It ahs to be a place that has the necessary things I will require for basic bush craft camp. Namely wood!!!. I will require a lot of wood. Fire and shelter being the main ones. I will need a lot for the fire because it will be my only heat source at night. Besides the obvious sleeping essentials and sustainable clothing. But that will need to be at the absolute minimum I can afford. I need to have a fire close to my shelter to survive the night, wood to sustain that fire ALL night. Having watched and read about this it will be my biggest challenge, collecting enough from the close proximity of the site.

So there you have it my first real goal for this winter. Tarp camp in winter in Minnesota, Joy!.

Oh just so you know I have NEVER tarp camped!. What can I say it, will be a real challenge, one I look forward to with some trepidation.

However!, Remember Knowledge is a survival skill. I need to get all I can get my hands on for this challenge I have set myself.

The planning begins, first off … Get all the knowledge I can……..

Up next detailing the goals and what I need to accomplish them. Stay tuned

The Novice Survivalist.



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