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Wishful thinking on my part!.

Today I recieved a package from Amazon. I looked at it and thought….
That was wishfull thinking. Like I will ever get to use it ?.


7 mile Creek Park MN.

Went walkabout and a quick scout. Not the best weather but this was worth a visit. Ill definatley be back to play with the trout in the creek…LOL Check out my scout

A tough Winter, Its not Over Yet!

via A tough Winter, Its not Over Yet! Me whining about a little snow and cold weather….In winter in Minnesota, Shame on me. Read all about it. NS

Free Give Away, Compact Gas Lantern

Hey Campers, A quick up date. I have been adding more videos to my Video and references page. Mainly reviews of products I have been considering for my Camping adventures. Not only for camping but handy to have in your BOB bag, survival kits…

The fishing question? Why me

Some times I just feel I am destined to struggle to catch fish. It happens alot to me and was wondering…is it just me. I went icefishing with my friend Travis. And yep got skunked..,again. Check it out

Reviews and Give-away’s (GAWS). Your chance to score free prizes.

I thought that I would try do a review myself on my channel. I simply picked a product I had been using for awhile and did a review

Setting goals for a new season

At the start of every season I find myself thinking about what next. Winter has come to Minesota. So I am once again trying to set some goals for a new winter season. Last winter my biggest goal was to do my first solo…

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