Watch “2020 camp and walkabout kitchen – boil, bake and fry, all you need to do it” on YouTube

For the past 6 months I have been working on a perfect for me walking kitchen. I like to spend time outdoors whether it be a walkabout trudge or an overnight camp cooking a meal or brewing a cuppa. Nothing pleases me more doing it out in natures kitchen.

I discovered baking outdoors. And have sinse been trying to put together the complete camp kitchen for me. I am now there. All I have left is to find a thermometer so I can control the temperature inside my mini oven ( modified french press from stanley).

So now I have it. A outdoor kitchen camp set that allows me to Boil, Bake and Fry.

Now I have to come up with some meals worthy of my Kitchen.

Hers a look at the kitchen kit.

Eat well, be healthy and do it outdoors.

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill. The knowledge to cook is one of them

Stay safe

The Novice Survivalist.

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