“My Bushcraft Walkabout Daypack – First go at it.”

Well I have been working on my Bushcraft skills, what few I have. Over the last couple oaths I have been scrimping and scraping my budget to get what I thought was the basic tools I would need to start learning this whole Bushcraft thing.

Well I have gathered and now I need to carry them.

This is my first attempt at a “Bushcraft” style daypack. As it turned out its not what I hoped for and now I know.

I believe Bushcraft provides you two things. Knowledge of the wilderness. And how to survive using that knowledge.

For me the tools of bushcraft and how to use them are starting point.

So I start learning. Straight away I found I have to adapt. The budget and all. And figure out how to lesson my load out daypack while still having all the tools and knowledge to “Bushcraft”

Remember Knowledge is a survival skill. That goes for bushcraft too.


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