Watch “Kelly Kettle, Scout Cook Set-with accessories, Bush Lunch for 3” on YouTube

Everytime I have been hiking with Leigh he has used his Kelly Kettle to boil the water for our Coffee with our snack or meal when out trudging. I finally decided to have a look at the cook kits Kelly Kettle offers. I wentvahead and got the medium size kit. It turned out to be alot bigger than I first thought.

However I had the kit with most optional accessories and as it happens they kits are all the same and only the sizes differ. So decided to take it with me on the road trip to San Diego to see my girls for a week.

They used it out on the farm to make lunch one day. A fun time spent with a nice meal to boot.

Here is the video of the review and quick lunch for three using the Kelly Kettle kit.

Remember knowledge is a survival skill.

The Novice Survivalist.

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