Watch “At the waters edge fly-fishing and other wonders of the outdoors” on YouTube

Going fly fishing for me is not all about fishing and catching. Although nabbing a couple nice Bass or Crappue sure helps. But if you watch my fishing videos thats not always, Ok thats not what happens most times.

I usually find myself wondering around the waters edge looking at the little things growing, crawling or just setting there. I normally would not show this on Video. I feel that most veiwers are there to see fishing and and would loose interest in the video. But I wanted to show that its not just about the fishing.

Its the outdoors and being in nature for me. The little creatures you will find at the waters edge keep me amuse during the fishing drouts I often have.

So here you go. I thought I would share some of those wonders at a local in town fishing spot.

Remember Always Be Safe. And leave no trace so the next outdoor lover who comes along can enjoy all those wonders too.


The Novice Survivalist

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