AVANTIK Flyfishing chest pack and Backpack combo

I finally found one. I hope. I have been looking for awhile for a combination chest pack and backpack system to use when going outdoors flyfishing.

I have a single chestpack that I use when going on a quick outing flyfishing locally. Lately though, I have been going out for a daytrip flyfishing in more remote area. I was using my chestpack and my smaller bushcraft daypack.

I wanted to combine them and started looking for one. This turned out to be harder than I thought.

Very few options available. The one I decided on was based on price. It is a good system but….

I am 5’8″ and 180 lbs. It was just to big. I try adjusting it to the smallest it would go, but alas just a little too loose for me.

So back I went back and came across this system. After a little hesitation I decided to get. It was twice as expensive as the first one. On my budget that stung alittle.

So here is the review and test of the AVENTIK Flyfishing chestpack / Backpack combo system.

Ut just might be the one. Although a few issues but nothing I cannot remedy.

Check it out.

Remember knowledge is a survival tool. Persistance sure goes along way.

Stay safe out there

The Novice Survivalist .

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