“CRKT M4-02w- The “Posh Pocket Pal”. Nicely done”

I am always looking for a good EDC pocket folding knife. I have a few, Ok a lot of them. I always have one on me, no matter where I am going or doing.

My OPINEL No 8 is the one I carry and use the most. Especially at work.

Opinel No 8

But lately I have been looking for a folder EDC for outside of work and my frequent trudge and camping outdoors. Something that will suit any occation outside of those. Basically a casual or more suttle knife for more formal or casual outings with friends in town.

I did not have a specific style or design in mind. Just one that would look the part.

It took awhile but I finally found one that will suit.

Designed by the late Kit Carson and made by CRKT out of Kentucky. It is from the Carson M4 series. Model number M4-02W.

When I first saw this knife, its not a new 2021 knife it came out awhile ago, I was immediately taken by its look. Not your usual folding knife. The Handle catches the eye right away and the over all shape is different from your run of the mill folders. I thought right away it could be the one.


So dusted off the wallet and broke my bank budget for these. A little more money than I would I would normally spend on something like this. Turns out to be a good decision for once. Not my norm. I can drop some made decisions because I tend to think with my heart not my mind.

I was impressed enough (A lot more to it then meets the eye) to take the time to share on my You Tube channel ( 2nd Chance George). Interested, take a look at my quick review of the CRKT M4-02W.

My Posh EDC.

The Novice survivalist

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