“4 Days in the Boundary Waters,  May 2022. A Life changing experience”

Once in awhile it happens. I did for me. I have been living in Minnesota now for 5 years. I had been told about this Minnesota treasure by a number of people. I took it as a pinch of salt.

Then a couple months ago 2 work friends came to me and said it was time to go. I agreed and we started planing a trip up north to the Boundry Waters. Both my friends had been there a number of times. Leigh who I have many trudges with, fly fishing and even a hot tent camp in winter with. And Will who takes me to little fly fishing treasures where he grew up. Both share my love of the outdoors. We like to do the same things outsiders and I am lucky to call them my friends.

Leigh got the permits and planned a route we would take. He gave us a list of what we can take and why…We would be traveling around in a canoe. So space and weight was optimum. We were all used to minum carry, so no problem there.

Unfortunately I had no idea of the experience I was about to have. Life changing for me. It really opened my eyes to true wilderness,  How I did not miss just about no man made noise. Lack of other people and the shear beauty of this wonderful place.

Let me try to share the trip I took into the wilderness in a Treasure only found in Minnesota.

5 years to get to and it will not be my last…that’s assured.

Check the link below to join Leigh, Will and Myself revealing into the wonderful place

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