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Watch “THE COTTAGE – Setting Priorities on a “budget” on YouTube

Owning a home. No matter the size, requires planning priorities . Especially on my budget!

Watch “Kilimanjaro ASCEND Mini Multi-tool TSA COMPLIANT – Perfect for the prepared traveler” on YouTube

So with that in mind, I shopped price. After all, I had the “What am I looking for ” taken care of. It needed to be TSA (Transportation Security Administration) compliant.

My Daypack for all Seasons

Something I have been working on for awhile. A better way to be prepared trying to simplify the way I prep my goodies   via My Daypack for all Seasons

Wishful thinking on my part!.

Today I recieved a package from Amazon. I looked at it and thought….
That was wishfull thinking. Like I will ever get to use it ?.

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