Another survival skill…Optimism!!

Hello all. Well here I am at the “puter” again. Its 10pm Friday night and I had plans for first thing tomorrow. I have spent this week prepping.

  • I got a hair cut. (No not for this outdoors adventure I had planned . Just needed one.)
  • Bought groceries. (The old beater fridgeadaire was empty)
  • Did my weekly laundry! (Except my favorite lazy home outfit)
  • Brushed my teeth at least three times a day!
  • Went through my fly-fishing kit and checked I have everything
  • Packed it into my day pack
  • Made snacks and drink preparations
  • Got my Favorite summer fishing hat out (my Tilly).
  • Dusted off said Tilly…(never wash it as that may break the streak I have going from last summer)
  • Looked at the weather forecast for the weekend. (See below)
  • Woke up shaking and blubbering in the corner of my Kitchen.
  • Washed the dried tears off of my face.
  • Got up and put all away, Except the laundry…just to depressed to do that.
  • Dug the “lazy home outfit” out of the dirty laundry basket and put it on.!
  • Got on the “puter” started 37 blogs!       deleted all…

So here I sit…..

Ok I exaggerated a bit.

I only brushed my teeth twice a day and did shower…I think. I just don’t want to look back at all the preparing I did for Naught.

So what to do, what to do. Depressed …Ah! wait ….make a favorite meal…

  • Chopped up Onions, Pepper (Orange one), tomatoes, Mushrooms and Potatoes. (Cut my finger)
  • Boiled the potatoes. Grilled the onions, pepper and mushroom. Added peas and cauliflower. Mixed together.
  • Added Pataks Tikka Masala curry sauce (Medium heat).20180413_220229
  • Made some white rice
  • Chopped up a fresh tomato and some onion, soaked it in Vinegar, added Pepper.
  • Got the Pataks Sweet Mango Chutney out.
  • Looked for the bananas I bought …lost some where.
  • Made a plate of it. (less the banana)
  • Ate it……

    Tikka Masala Curry

Now I feel a little better. Thank goodness I made a lot. As I can see I will be eating a plate a day for the next 3 days…….

Wondering why I am so all Ahooo. Well the weather report of course.

I forgot, I now reside in Minnesota. I was absolutely convinced that spring/summer has finally won the battle. 2 Days ago I was out and about, walkabouting celebrating my “second anniversary of my second chance at life”. It was a very nice 50 deg. No wind, and very little clouds. Obviously gave me a false sense of security. BAM!

Winter storm warning..

screenshot_20180413-232404.png               screenshot_20180413-232438.png

Just great……..

But hey! for me, I can bundle up, Stay home, Write my blogs, Watch soccer, Work on a review video for my YouTube channel, Surf the web for a new fishing day pack. post to my Face Book page, Relax, Nap and maybe, Just maybe,

Wash my Tilly Hat (No, just cannot take that chance).

Wash my lazy home outfit. Nope! the neighbors frown on people doing their laundry naked and nobody wants that.

So here I am……. surviving. If you think about it. I’m practicing survival skills.

  1. Preparation
  2. Food for moral,
  3. Dealing with a difficult situation and
  4. Knowledge…

Till next weekends better weather…

Another survival skill…optimism!!

Remember, Knowledge is a survival skill!

The Optimistic Novice Survivalist.

Minnesota Madness-Ice Fishing.Movie_Snapshot


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