MAM knives – Another bargain from Europe. A “steel” for the price – on YouTube

I have been looking at the European folding knife market lately. Having owned an Openel No 8 for a while now and was so impressed by the Quality and above all its popularity world wide. Price is just the icing on the top.

However when I posted a review on my YouTube channel, a subscriber suggested looking at some other from Europe. To my horror I found a couple of others, all in the same style, From companies that had almost the same background but from 3 different counties. Only…THEY WERE EVEN MORE LESS EXPENSIVE.

I will say the overall quality of these copies was not quiet up to Frances Opinel. It was not by much. Looking at them you could easily mistake them for Opinels.

This quick…lol.., Post is about one of them. MAM Knives from Portugal. Have a look see.

And while you there check out the other ones I reviewed. Fast becoming my FAVORITE EDC , the OLD BEAR from Italy.

Stay safe out there as always

Remember knowledge is a survival skill


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