Something to do…

I was going through my “stuff” today. It’s change of seasons time. So that means checking my packs and goodies I take outdoors with me.

Winter is here and in Minnesota that’s the long word for cold. So I update my packs every season to make sure I am set for the season.

While doing this I was rummaging around I my stash of fire starters and noticed I had a Small ferro rod in there. Thought nothing of it and continued on.

Later on I was outside doing other winter chores…picking up dead fall from the trees in the South 40. I picked up a small piece and was about to add it the the continually growing pile when I had a vision of that small ferro rod. So ……

I took the wood and made me a handle for the ferro rod. Why…well because I could and it was a quick little project that turned handy when I figured out the rod will go into my OLD BEAR folding knife sheath along with the knife…..nice!!!!

So here’s the visual story

Check it out. A good reason to whittle away the time

Stay safe as always


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