OLD Bear Knives

I was surfing again. Came across these beasties. Very nice little folders similar to the Opinel knives out there. Only priced right and personally I prefer thier blade lock.

Give em a look.


Once again be safe out there.

It is a survival skill to be sure


2 Comments on “OLD Bear Knives

  1. Collecting over the years, I now have 10 Opinels. From #2 to #12.
    What started as liking the simplicity and the efficient lock as a scout right through to game keeper, they just grew on me.
    In that whole time I’ve only had to replace one #6, because through heavy use (I don’t know of a keeper who isn’t hard on their clasp knifes) and daily honing the blade, it finally gave up keeping it’s edge.
    The only other problem was when they changed from wood to plastic grips.
    Same shape, same lock, but somehow it never felt (or looked) right.
    However, searching junk shops, my set is still all wood.

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    • Love my Opinel. But I must say that the Antonini Old Bear is growing on me. But it won’t replace the opinel untill it stops getting shart. Like you big fan of wood handles. Not really liking the plastic. Thanks for the support

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