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“Marbles Black Stag Bone Safety Folder – Its an Odd one, The Joy!”

Well Campers here you go. A truly Old School odd one for sure. A tradional Hunting knife that folds….yep it folds. Check out my review of this odd guy. Remember knowledge is a Survival Skill, even odd stuff can help NS

Watch “WORK SHARP Guided Sharpening System – It saved me from bad sharpening” on YouTube

Looking to get all your cutters sharpened. Struggle like I do. Not anymore. I got this sharpening kit from Work Sharp. Life saver for me. The Novice Survivalist


Although in a pinch I can sharpen (Kinda) a dull blade when in the outdoors, I am in no way good at it. In fact I am terrible at it. Free hand sharpening is something I have never mastered , truth be told not… Continue Reading “I’M REALLY BAD AT SHARPENING BLADES”

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