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The Ultimate Goal.

Hello Campers and outdoors enthusiasts. I have just got back home from a winter time walkabout. And while I sit here contemplating my life and life goals and the walkabout. I had a thought , yes, yes me thinking is dangerous. But  I got…

2nd Chance George

For those of you who don’t know. I have a You Tube Channel. Actually two. But I post videos on the “2nd Chance George channel”, of my camping and survival ideas and dirt time tests of  it. So you may find it useful. Check…

Prepping for my first Minnesota winter Camp

Not only to survive the winter without any mishaps but also to prepare to do a winter camping trip. This for me will be my biggest challenge yet in the outdoors. Something I look forward to with some trepidation. Can I do this, am I prepared, what to take, where and when.

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