Gerber Freeman Guide Folding Knife – Kinda undecided on this one

I originally bought the Gerber Feeman fixed blade and really liked the knife. Especially the handle. With my “Stubby grubbies, all palm and short fingers” it was a handle that worked for me. I saw this folder which is the folding version so bought it. Unfortunately, the handle is slightly different and does not fit my paw well. But it’s a solid knife although it needed some work. The blade neede to be sharpened some, and the spine neede to be cleaned up to strike a ferro rod.

This is the first Gerber item I was a little dissapointed in. I can probably change the handle a bit by replacing the scales, just not sure that will fix the issue fitting my hand. But the sharpness is a first for me with Gerber.

But you decide. It could be the right fit for you. After all we all are different sizes and have differing preferences.

Remember knowledge is a survival skill. I have yet to find the perfect cutter, Folding one fixed blade, but have a couple that have come close. The search continues…..,


Click the link below to see my review.

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