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Watch “Mods and Maintenance on my TRAIL BOSS AXE” on YouTube

Summer is coming, take time to check your outdoor kits and prep for the season. What ever the reason. The Novice Survivalist

Watch “WORK SHARP Guided Sharpening System – It saved me from bad sharpening” on YouTube

Looking to get all your cutters sharpened. Struggle like I do. Not anymore. I got this sharpening kit from Work Sharp. Life saver for me. The Novice Survivalist


Although in a pinch I can sharpen (Kinda) a dull blade when in the outdoors, I am in no way good at it. In fact I am terrible at it. Free hand sharpening is something I have never mastered , truth be told not… Continue Reading “I’M REALLY BAD AT SHARPENING BLADES”

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