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Cutting Tools, #1 on the10 C’s List

Being #1 means you are required on the 10 C’s list. With good reason. Finding yourself in a situation where you will be required to survive in the elements, no matter which, means no cutter and you are almost certainly lost. The importance of…

Watch “CORDAGE – #5 on the 10 C’s LIST – Bank line, its new to me.” on YouTube

I was going through some of my goodies for camping and was adding a “find me tag” to a couple of my cutting tools and got thinking about the 10 C’s of Survivability list….AGAIN. I was thinking about the 550 I use for the…

Its a personal thing ! – What do you take outdoors

Each of us is unique in ourselves. We may have the overall common joy of the outdoors. Whether camping, hiking fishing, hunting etc. We wander aimlessly about just enjoying the outdoors. Bird watches will watch birds, Campers will camp, Hikers will hike.

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