Rough Ryder Lockback Pocket Chef Knife – It’s breakfast time.

Well if you like me I like to cook alot when camping,trudging or just outdoors. Any excuse to have a meal and a cuppa Joe gets me going.

Well there I was and came acrossvthis gem from ROUGH RYDER KNIVES. Yep a foldingbchef knife…wait folding Sous Chef knife actually. Well zI consider myself the Sousu Chef in my Cottage so there you go…..

This is a great knife for any cooking. Indoor or out. It’s as sharp as you would expect of a food prep knife and it folds….way to convenient not to go immediately to take its well deserved place as my new camping kitchen knife.

Check out my review and quick kitchen test.

Remember knowledge is a survival skill…especially in the kitchen….just saying

The Novice Survivalist

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