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Rough Ryder Lockback Pocket Chef Knife – It’s breakfast time.

Well if you like me I like to cook alot when camping,trudging or just outdoors. Any excuse to have a meal and a cuppa Joe gets me going. Well there I was and came acrossvthis gem from ROUGH RYDER KNIVES. Yep a foldingbchef knife…wait… Continue Reading “Rough Ryder Lockback Pocket Chef Knife – It’s breakfast time.”

Enhancing your ME time in the Outdoors

Although the title says Me time, Enhancing anytime in the outdoors is something to consider. How you do this is a personal preference. I personally like to take along some activity I enjoy while outdoors. This ranges from, Cameras, food to be cooked or some reading or listening material. Just depends on my mood or reason for getting outdoors.

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