A Perfect Khukuri: My Jungle Sweet, 6 Inch Blade from Khukuri House, KHHI Nepal

Every once in a while I come across a knife that I have ….not just have but HAVE to have. But you know you have to justify it. You know have a good reason for the extra expense.

I wanted an original one. So had to get one hand made…..that was at least “kinda” close to my meager budget I have. It had to be a knife I can use…alot to justify it. What am I talking about…

Well the KUKRI OR KHUKUKRI KNIFE the one that is from Napal made famous buy the Gurku Soldiers during the first and 2nd great wars.

The problem was I could not find one I wanted. It was generally and traditionally a large knife, the blades running in the 10 to 15 inch range. Just to big for what I want it for. But hey nothing like persistence to get your way. Yep found one that meet my size wants.

So I broke the budget and ordered one direct from Napal. Made in the tradition way.

So check it out I put it through some paces and am convinced this will be My ” Go to camp knife”. CLICK ON THE VIDEO LINK BELOW.

Remember knowledge and persistence is a survival skill


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