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Watch “Vermillion River, MN. First time Fly Fishing it, The JOY” on YouTube

What a Gem, Not 30 mins from home. Going back for sure. Now I know what to expect. Remember Knowledge is a survival skill. Even taking advice from others improves your skills NS

Watch “First fish summer 2021, Spur of the moment lets go Fly-fish for Bass” on YouTube

Was on my way to grocery store when I had moment. Yep tis the season Be safe out there campers Knowledge is a survival skill…including flyfishing…just saying NS

Flyfishing is not a hobby

Its a post apocalypse survival skill. Seriously. Many things we do to amuse ourselves are really survival skills. Especially when enjoying any activity in the outdoors. As silly as it sounds flyfishing is a survival skill. Not just providing food for the table, for… Continue Reading “Flyfishing is not a hobby”

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