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My Camp Stoves

Hello Campers. I have just uploaded another sterling, fascinating and splendiferous Video review of my  compact camp stoves I lug around on my Day walkabouts and overnight camping trips. These are the normal part of my Camp Kitchen. The Kitchen consists of  a Pot,…

Yep. another 2 Minute tip, blog,vlog and more

When I started this site and blog its was originally intended as a self help blog for me…and others in being prepared for the outdoors. Basic survival skills and equipment was on my mind. The site has evolved into more of my enjoyment of the outdoors.

Watch “VLOG75 Walk about and Scout Carleton college north walking trails Dakota County MN” on YouTube

Lately I have been making a point of getting out and enjoying some outdoor time. I have found a great app. (Actually recommended to me by a subscriber on my youtube channel.) Its call All trails. Its a great app and allows you to…

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